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Chris Devereux
Tattoo Artist/Body Piercer

Meet Chris, the tattoo artist with a bald head and a beard that puts even the bushiest lumberjack to shame. Chris has been inking and piercing his way through the world of tattooing for 10 years, and he's got the skills to prove it. His favorite styles are blackwork and black and grey tattoos, which he pulls off with the kind of precision that would make a surgeon jealous.

When he's not busy making people's skin look awesome, Chris is usually cheering on his favourite football team!

But Chris isn't all about the ink and the football - he's also a bit of a country music fan. He's got a soft spot for the classics, like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, but he's also been known to rock out to some of the newer stuff. Unfortunately, he's been banned from drinking Red Bull by his wife, who says it makes him even more hyperactive than usual.

Despite his wild energy, Chris is a true professional when it comes to his craft. He's got a steady hand and a keen eye for detail, and he'll work with you to make sure your tattoo is exactly what you want.

So if you're looking for a tattoo artist who's equal parts skilled and hilarious, look no further than Chris. Just don't bring any Red Bull with you, or his wife might come after you with a pitchfork.

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