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The Art of Piercing: Why We Choose Needles Over Piercing Guns

At The Viper Pit Tattoo and Piercing Studio, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality piercings in a safe and welcoming environment.

One aspect that sets us apart is our commitment to using needles for all our piercings, rather than piercing guns. In this blog post, we want to share with you the reasons behind our choice and highlight the advantages of needle piercing.

1. Precision and Control:

When it comes to piercing, precision is key. Our skilled piercers utilize needles because they offer unparalleled control over the entire process. Unlike piercing guns, which rely on a spring-loaded mechanism, needles allow for a more accurate and controlled placement of the piercing.

This ensures that the jewelry is properly aligned and positioned, minimizing the risk of complications and maximizing your comfort.

2. Reduced Trauma and Healing Time:

Piercing guns exert a significant amount of force, causing unnecessary trauma to the surrounding tissue.

This trauma can lead to prolonged healing times, increased discomfort, and a higher risk of complications. On the other hand, needles create a clean puncture, minimizing tissue damage and promoting faster healing.

Our priority is your well-being, which is why we choose the method that promotes optimal healing and minimizes potential risks.

3. Sterility and Safety:

Another crucial aspect of our needle piercing approach is the emphasis on sterility and safety. Piercing guns have multiple parts that come into contact with your skin, making proper sterilization challenging. In contrast, needles are single-use, individually packaged, and sterilized, ensuring the highest level of hygiene.

Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us, and we go the extra mile to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sterilization.

4. Versatility and Adaptability:

Needles provide greater versatility when it comes to piercing options. They are available in various sizes, allowing us to choose the most appropriate needle for your specific piercing needs. Whether it's a delicate earlobe piercing or a more complex cartilage piercing, needles offer the flexibility to cater to different anatomies and ensure a comfortable and precise result.

5. Industry Standards and Professionalism:

Using needles aligns with industry standards and best practices in the piercing community.

It demonstrates our commitment to professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to providing you with the highest quality services.

We continuously educate ourselves on the latest techniques and advancements, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience when they choose The Viper Pit Tattoo and Piercing Studio.

When it comes to piercing, we believe in providing a superior experience that prioritizes your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. By choosing needle piercing over piercing guns, we uphold our commitment to precision, reduced trauma, sterility, versatility, and professionalism.

Next time you visit us for a piercing, rest assured that you're in capable hands, and we'll make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Remember, at The Viper Pit Tattoo and Piercing Studio, your well-being is our top priority, and we'll always go the extra mile to ensure your piercing journey is a positive and unforgettable one!


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