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Monroe Vs Madonna


Madonna and Monroe rings are two popular lip piercings and they are pretty similar.

there is a couple of differences between the two of them. There is the obvious difference that they have different names. But the main difference between Monroe and Madonna piercings isn’t that significant. Madonna and Monroe piercings both go through the upper lip and the same kind of Monroe rings are appropriate to wear for both piercings. Both piercings even got their names from the same reason: famous beauty marks!

THE MONROE PIERCING The Monroe piercing is a lip piercing that is placed above the upper lip on the left side of the mouth.

This placement was chosen to match the side where the famous 1950s actress and model Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark was located. This placement and the reason behind it are also the explanation for the name of the piercing, to distinguish it from the other lip piercings. Monroe rings can go by multiple different names, one of the more popular one being “labret rings,” but the style is technically a flatback post. The flatback post is a great choice for both Madonna and Monroe piercings. There are two styles of flatback posts: ones with a ball that screw on and ones that are thread less that have a pin that pushes in to anchor the top ball in place. The part of the jewellery that rests against the inside of the lip is flat to minimize contact with the teeth. THE MADONNA PIERCING The Madonna piercing is also a piercing on the upper lip, but it is on the right side of the mouth, opposite of where the Monroe ring is placed. This piercing mimics where the Queen of Pop’s beauty mark is located, so it is only fitting that this piercing is named after her. The name of this piercing also identifies where it is placed. As mentioned above, the same type of body jewellery is used for this piercing as the Monroe piercing.


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