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How painful are piercings?

We did a survey of our clients that we have pierced over our 6 years of body piercing in Salford and Manchester.

So the ranked list is:

(From LEAST painful to MOST painful based on customer feedback)

  1. Ear Lobe

  2. Navel

  3. Lip

  4. Nostril

  5. Eyebrow

  6. Tongue

  7. Daith

  8. Helix

  9. Dermal Anchor

  10. Stretching

  11. Rook

  12. Conch

  13. Industrial

  14. Septum

  15. Nipple

  16. Genitals

Don’t forget guys, it’s all down to personal experience, so don’t be put off, if you really want to mod your bod, go for it!

If you want to know more about any type of piercing and how it’s done give us a message!

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