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We launched our Get what you get gumball tattoo machine in Manchester last month and we've had such a great response.

at the viper pit tattoo studio we understand that times are hard with the cost of living hitting everyone hard we're doing the opposite!

we're trying to give back to our clients and making that treat at the end of the month more accessible to more everyone.

Our Gumball tattoo machines have three categories these are; Original get what you Get - This contains traditional tattoos, bold will hold all the the way with these designs

Basic Bitch - This ones for the girls, we needed a name that was catchy and this is the best we could come up with! containing all your favourite mandalas, unalomes and flowers.

Body Piercing - Does exactly what says on the tin! Ears, lips and facial piercings all in this one!

Our get what you get tattoo and piercing machines are refilled every month with different designs so it keeps every machine freshly packed with brand new flash!

Here's a sneak peak of what's come out up to now!

You can buy our vouchers online via our website we've dropped a link below so you can click and get straight to our online store.


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