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Chamomile tea - the best your nan can get!


Chamomile is old school. It’s been used since ancient times. Both the Egyptians and the ancient Romans used chamomile in tea, salves, creams, incenses and other beverages. In Egypt, chamomile was prescribed as a cold remedy. But!

its also amazing for the healing of your new piercings

How to use this ancient remedy

  1. boil your kettle with enough water to fill a clean cup

  2. allow water to cool

  3. place tea bag into cup and pour water over the tea bag with a clean teaspoon

  4. stir and allow to steep (sit in the cup) for around 5 mins

  5. Remove the tea bag and bin

  6. use a cotton bud or q tips as they are sometimes known - we suggest the brand Johnson's

  7. proceed dip into the solution and clean around the piercing

  8. do this daily for the advised time of healing

so there you have it from the times of the pyramids to the pyramid teabag, Chamomile is the secret


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